Ideal targeting
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Ad formats
Banner is a most common form of a display ad, embedded into a webpage. You can use either static/animated images or text.
Native ads
Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. You can use webpage and/or search engine ads.
Domain redirect
Domain redirect is full-page ad triggered by redirects from domain misspellings
Pop ads
Pop ads are full-page ads displayed on top of or under a currently browsed tab.
Instant, interactive messages delivered directly to desktop or mobile screens.
Case of // Shopping
Advertiser's requirements:
  1. Attract new users and motivate active ones while holding CR at 3%
  2. KPI ratio of new to existing 2:1
Action plan:
  1. Send raw traffic to evaluate audience
  2. Mark all confirmed deals
  3. Set up remarketing for the converted audience
  4. Analyze user’s behavior depending on time of the day, popular categories, interests
  5. Increase volume after traffic optimization, taking into account behavioral parameters
  6. Conduct a number of experiments on clustering users with related interests
  7. Once again mark those who converted and adjust remarketing
Within a period of 45 days, the achieved result is
Fingerprint technology associates a client with data set. In case user deletes cookie files, changes browser or device you won't lose the customers. We will find and remarket them for you.
Antifraud tech
We detect and block publishers who fraud ad impressions or substitute inventory. You never pay for fake impressions.
Invisible inventory, low-quality visitors and bots filter
We filter invisible ad impressions, low-quality visitors, and bots. Get users with purchasing intention.
Brand safety
We develop a set of measures to identify inventory that can damage the advertiser's brand. Your brand safety is our priority.
We take care of advertisers. The bot checks every advertiser's ad against the security policy. It is fast and working 24/7.
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